1. Back in the UK chilling with this guy…

  2. Mint weather right now in #amsterdam 

  3. www.mikefoxweddingphotography.com 

    My new wedding photography website is up and running! I’ll be shooting in the UK, Amsterdam and the rest of Europe. 

  4. Puggy - Paradiso - 16th January 2014

    I remember seeing these guys back in I think 2007 when they supported Incubus at Brixton Academy, didn’t wanna miss the chance seeing them as they were in town. Really good set from the band and it was rammed! Could hardly move between the crowd to get different shots. Hoping to shoot Mogwai next Thursday at Paradiso…

  5. www.mike-fox.com/shop 

    My photos are now available on high quality canvas! If you would like to purchase any other photos from the site, different size or live outside of the UK. Please message me at mike@mike-fox.com 

    If you share this page you can be in with the chance to win a free 20x30 high quality canvas of any photo of your choice!

    Photo - Primal Scream at Brixton Academy

  6. Prague

    Taken on my first ever camera, a tiny little Fuji compact. Totally spontaneous moment in Prague

  7. Primal Scream @ Brixton Academy 11/12/13 


    Last time I covered Primal Scream was at Paradiso in Amsterdam which was an awesome night but tonight took me to Brixton Academy, one of my favourite venues in London and my favourite gigs I’ve covered to date. 

    Blinder of a set from the band and the crowd were all over it. 

    Take a look at the entire set of photos here

  8. Took this from the hotel - love London 


  9. Help

    I took this photo whilst I was in London walking along South Bank. A man contemplates jumping into the Thames River, a bus driver stopped his bus just to help the man, he managed to talk the man out of it - good deed of the day.

  10. London Eye

    Finally got around to doing the London Eye at night - was blown away once we reached the top, stunning view.